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Translating Information into meaningful Intelligence is one of the biggest modern-day challenges.

We are all drowning in information from all kinds of sources, and whenever we understand even just the smallest parts of any of it, we feel smarter and more in control. But it takes organization, creativity, and insight to turn Information into something that can help us in truly meaningful ways  – that is when Information turns into Intelligence.

The difference between Information and Intelligence is actually quite easy to see, and there is little doubt that we have all experienced the power of this difference at some point. Take the example of a military commander who is told the enemy has 50 tanks (that’s information) versus knowing there are 50 tanks of some specific type in two groups of 25, 2 miles ahead, heading east, at 3 miles per hour (that’s Intelligence). As you can see, while Information is good to know, there is usually an emptiness to it. It typically lacks important descriptive elements in terms of quantity, quality, time, and space.

When you have Intelligence, you really are smarter because with it you can make better decisions, faster and with more accurate outcome predictions.

Big or small, one and all, we continually need Intelligence to survive, succeed and move forward.

At Target Information Services Corp. we understand the difference between Information and Intelligence, and we specialize in creating Intelligence from available evidence and researched information. We have unique technical skills and mature experience that can offer powerful insights to help uncover hidden Intelligence that might otherwise be overlooked. And often it is simply our ability to present information in an organized, time-oriented manner, that shows what is happening when, and offers you (the expert) the Intelligence needed what best to do now and next.

Our clients include everyday businesses or individuals seeking to better understand their current situation or one that has already occurred. They typically need Intelligence to make smart decisions and growth plans for the future.

Contact us today, to find out how we can help you turn your Data and Information into powerful storytelling, insightful Intelligence!

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