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Today, when we hear the word “Surveillance”, most of us think of cameras – like in Video Surveillance – and while that definition is partly accurate, it is far too narrow in scope to define what Surveillance is all about. It is equivalent to thinking of good health as being defined by eating an apple a day.

Our vision of Surveillance is bigger. We define surveillance as anything that adds real-time or historical (past-time) visibility, knowledge, or awareness to anything of importance.

Modern surveillance includes things like Image, Sound, Light, Motion, Vibration, Temperature, Humidity, Stratification, Environmental changes, and essentially anything that can be captured showing a value, state, or change of state over time. This is also sometimes generally referred to as Telemetry.

The delivery, detection, and collection tools and methods of surveillance include Sensors of all kinds, the Internet, Satellite, Drone, Human, Drop & Collect, Store & Forward, or other advanced gathering vehicles. And all of these can be overt or covert in nature.

We view Surveillance as a key part of modern Intelligence.

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