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Our basic definition of Research is The discovery and gathering of information to answer a question.

Examples of Research questions might be as follows:

Who are my customers for product XYZ?

What is the exterior construction history of property ABC?

What is the operating relationship of the heating system to outside temp?

Research eventually turns into actionable Intelligence once a true story, based on facts, is created to answer a given set of questions.

When we perform Research it is void of any outcome position or initial opinion; we do not take a predisposed view. The client may suggest to us a belief, which they are seeking to validate; however, our mission is to uncover the facts, ideally supported by multiple independent, indisputable evidence sources, and to present them as they exist in an organized manner.

All good Research starts with a concise well-defined question. Then an Evidence map is created to identify the most important available forms of supporting evidence, along with sources. Often the biggest research challenge is to bring together meaningful time-stamped facts to bridge gaps that may exist between different forms of supporting evidence. We use everything, including documents, images, audio, and other advanced value artifacts to piece together the true (or most likely) story of what happened when.

Our research projects typically follow the same process path – Map, Gather, Organize, Analyze, Enhance, Time-line and Report.

We view Research as a critical and integral part of Intelligence development.

Contact us to learn more about our perspective and capabilities in the area of Research.

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